The Club's diary of forthcoming events is here.

In the light of the government advice regarding social distancing and the steps to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the committee took the decision to run a series of "virtual" tastings, from September 2020 through to June 2021. With lockdown restrictions easing, we are now cautiously optimistic of a return to live events after our summer break, and have put together an exciting programme of events for the year ahead.

Forthcoming events are listed below. For earlier events, please see the historic events page.

Saturday 16th October 2021 - Antinori Wines of Tuscany with Duncan Ross of Berkmann Wine Cellars and Luca Soldo Brand Ambassador for Antinori.

"The Antinori family has been producing wine in Tuscany for six centuries and exporting it for four – that’s 26 generations of uninterrupted family ownership. They moved to Florence in the early 13th century, and remain central figures in the fabric of the city. Piazza Antinori is the square in the historic centre where Marchese Piero Antinori still lives.

The purchase of the Tignanello estate in 1900 marked the beginning of a remarkable period of expansion, which shows no signs of abating. Through judicious acquisition of vineyards, and an uncanny knack for developing iconic wines, Antinori has become Tuscany’s – arguably Italy’s – pre-eminent wine producer, establishing an important presence in Piedmont, Umbria and Puglia.

Marchese Piero Antinori sums up the company’s outlook thus: “Ancient roots play an important role in our philosophy, but they have never held back our spirit of innovation.”

Professional sommelier since 2000, Luca arrived in UK in 2003 and worked in fine dining establishments such as Locanda Locatelli and Gordon Ramsay. Three years later he joined the other side of the trade and worked in sales for a wine distributor in the London market. Since 2014 he’s the Brand Ambassador for Antinori, responsible of all the sales, marketing and communication activities at national level.

Duncan is Sales Account Manager for Berkmann Wines, the largest family-owned and family-run wine importer in the UK and have been selling wine to restaurants since 1964".


Saturday 20th November 2021 - Wines of Hungary - Ferenc Zelenak

"Multi award winning wine merchant, Novel Wines was founded by two wine professionals, the Hungarian Gyorgy Zsiga and his English friend, Ben Franks. Novel brings some of the most exciting wines to the UK wine market focusing on Central and Eastern European. This night they will be represented by their friend, Ferenc Zelenak from Tokaj, Hungary.

From the arrival of the mighty Magyars at Tokaj to reclaim their forefather, Attila the hun’s land in the 9th century until our present days we will be sipping on the legendary bull’s blood of Eger. We will walk the terroir, talk history and taste some of the most exciting and successful Hungarian winemakers flagship wines.

About the host: Ferenc Zelenak was born and bred in Tokaj town the capitol of Tokaj Historical Wine Region. His family and ancestors for over 3 centuries has been living in the town and worked the land around the wine region. Istvan Zelenak his great uncle, a local historian was the man who discovered the Garay letters the first local classification of Tokaji vineyards and mention of Tokaji Aszu production from 1571; but the family story began with a French immigrant who worked as a wine maker for the Royal vineyards. On the maternal side his grandfather Andras Dolak founded the Tokaj Vinegrowers Co-op in the 1960s, but the Dolak family from the mid 1800s were one out of only 2 families who received Royal approval to transport Tokaji wines with their postal coaches. After closing his wine shop in May, 2019 Ferenc has been working as the regional sales manager for Top Selection, a multi award winning fine wine merchant in London"


Saturday 11th December 2021 - Wines of Spain - Quentin Sadler

Although details of this event are yet to be determined, we are delighted to invite back one of VWTC's favourite presenters, Quentin Sadler, for what is sure to be an entertaining and informative presentation and a great way to end the year.

Saturday 15th January 2022 - Battered Trophy - Blind Tasting Competition.

Saturday 19th February 2022 - Kalfu Wines: 1000km of Coastal Chilean Vineyards with Janina Doyle, Brand Ambassador of Ventisquero Wine Estates

"Kalfu Wines is the boutique, cool-climate coastal range within the larger Ventisquero Wine Estates Portfolio. Established in 1998, they have gone from strength to strength being recognised as one of the leading Chilean wineries for quality and innovation.

Ventisquero Wine Estates was the first winery to be 100% sustainably certified and has maintained this through till today. This along with being family owned and never buying in fruit for the Kalfu wines sit at the heart of their company.

Kalfu Wines was born as a need to express some of the best terroir along the coast. The range comes from their vineyards in Leyda Valley, Casablanca Valley and in the Atacama Desert, where they have the monopoly. Nobody else is crazy enough to plant in a desert with salty soils. The wines all showcase a freshness of fruit and vibrant acidity. The word Kalfu in the native Mapuche language means Blue. A colour very important to the Mapuche people as it represents the sea, and this represents life. You will see shortly why the Chilean Coastline is so special and unique – just like the Kalfu wines".


Saturday 12th March 2022 - "Wine Tour de France" with Tony Hill, owner of Bordeaux and Beyond.

"Tony Hill, owner of Bordeaux and Beyond returns to take us on a "Wine Tour de France" covering many different appellations, some famous and some not so famous. Tony will give the story behind the wines and the reasons why he decided to import them.

Bordeaux and Beyond are a specialist wine importer concentrating on wines from small independent vignerons in France not usually available elsewhere.

Bordeaux and beyond are a web based business and are in their 14th year of trading but continue to sell only wines that they import and more importantly happy to drink themselves!"


Saturday 23rd April 2022 - Wines of USA's West Coast - The Search for Balance, with Tim Schwilk of The Wine Society

"Is there more to the West Coast than the stereotypical fruit bombs of years gone by? Can Oregon Pinots and Washington Rieslings really compete with the wines of Burgundy and Germany?

As Manager of the Tastings and Events Team at The Wine Society I’m fortunate to be exposed to wines from all over the world as we plan, prepare and deliver over 200 events a year across the country. Yet despite the fact that The Wine Society’s list is dominated by Old World listings and my own personal background is in Australian wines, no country’s wines have surprised me more, nor given me as much pleasure as those coming from the United States of America.

Together we will explore, discuss and most importantly taste examples of Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon from the West Coast of America. Covering California, Oregon and Washington State, I hope that these wines will prove that when in the right hands, American wine can be just as elegant, classy and of high quality as any wine producing country in the world."