Booking terms & conditions

This page sets out the terms and conditions of bookings and membership with the Verulam Wine Tasting Club.

All transactions with the Club are in accordance with these terms. The member's acceptance of these terms is by deed of payment for either membership subscription or events.

Membership subscription

Subscription to the Club is an annual membership subscription running from 01 September to 31 August. The current subscription is £10 per season, with a discount of £5 for applications received after 01 March.

Members are bound by the constitution of the Club.

Cancellations - membership subscription

The easiest way for a member to cancel their subscription is not to renew it in late August for the forthcoming subscription year.

If the member wishes to cancel their membership mid-year, then the member should email with such request.


General terms for event bookings

The standard price for a 'regular' event is £18 (eighteen pounds) per member and £22 (twenty two pounds) per guest. The Club may occasionally invite members to apply for places for events of differing prices, which the Club shall quote when advertising the relevant event(s).

Applications for places ("bookings") open upon invitation to book by email from the Club.

Only members may apply for places at events. Members may apply for themselves plus only one guest per member. The Club may allow applications for more than one guest per member at the Club's absolute discretion.

A member has successfully applied for place(s) at an event if and only if:

  • the member has applied for place(s) to the Club by email before the application deadline (see specification below); and
  • the member has paid to the Club the appropriate fees for the applied place(s) before the application deadline (see payment details below).

Members apply for places by email with the following:

  • a statement that the member wishes to book places; and
  • the names of all the members (and guests) in the booking;
  • the names of other members attending with whom the member(s) would like to sit;
  • confirmation of the amount paid;
  • any dietary requirements;
  • emailed to;
  • emailed from the email account to which the member's subscription is related.

Members pay for their application by electronic banking to:

  • sort code 60-83-01;
  • account 20321947;
  • account Verulam Wine Tasting Club;
  • bank Unity Trust Bank.

Other payment methods may be available to applicants if they have particular difficulties using electronic banking. If the applicant has such difficulties, please ask by email for alternative payment methods.

When the Club has opened bookings, the Club processes applications for places are processed strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. The Club shall never reserve places for members in expectation of their application for places, even if the member in question has a reputation of being a regular presence at all Club events.

The Club may set a maximum number of places for each event at its absolute discretion. For any event advertised without a maximum number of places, the default maximum number of places is 96 (ninety-six).

The Club may set an application deadline at its absolute discretion. For any event advertised without an application deadline, the application deadline shall be the second Friday prior to the day of the event.

Payments for applications for places are non-refundable.

Waiting lists


  • the Club has received more applications for places than the maximum available at the event; or
  • the Club receives a valid application for place(s) after the application deadline; then

the Club shall operate a waiting list for that event.

The Club shall notify the applicant member that their application for place(s) is on the waiting list.

If the Club is satisfied that accepting a late application shall not prejudice the operation of the event, then the Club shall reasonably accept the late application.

Where a member's application for place(s) is on the waiting list and the Club subsequently find place(s) to fulfill the application, then the Club aims to notify the member of their places by telephone on/before midday of the day of the event (in practice, the Club shall also email the applicant member, for the record).

The waiting list for an event is discarded at the start of the event.

Cancellations - events

Applicant members may subsequently cancel their application for bookings at the applicant member's absolute discretion. The Club does not need to know the reasons behind the applicant member's cancellation of their application for bookings (especially if the reason involves special category personal data, i.e. health matters).

Payments for the cancelled application are non-refundable, but the Club offers the following relief:

  • if:
    • the Club receives the cancellation on/before 24 hours prior to the advertised start date and time of event; and
    • the Club has incurred no irrecoverable costs as a consequence of the cancelled application;
  • then the Club may at its absolute discretion offer a credit note to the applicant member for use against future events. The value of the credit note shall be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the financial prejudice incurred by the Club as a consequence of the cancellation.

Paperless bookings

The entire booking process is paperless.

End of booking terms & conditions.