The Club's diary of forthcoming events is here.

The general pattern of events is the second Saturday every month from September to June, reverting to the third Saturday of the month from January 2020. Forthcoming events are listed below. For earlier events, please see the historic events page.

21st September 2019 - Members' Tasting

Eight members are taking the opportunity to present a wine of their choice. In addition we will be serving a reception wine (as usual) but also a dessert wine with the supper. Four of the wines are to be presented by committee members. Not only will this be an opportunity to enjoy some nice wines, but it will give you the opportunity to meet some of the relatively recently appointed committee members.

12th October 2019 - Georgian Wines with Vivienne Franks

“I am looking forward to running a tasting of Georgian wines for Verulam on Saturday 12th October.

Georgia is regarded as the birthplace of wine and of very ancient grape varieties. Rkatsiteli and Saperavi are the most well known. The old traditional Georgian practice of wine making in clay amphorae is being revived today in many wine regions worldwide. These amphorae are called ‘Qvrevi’ and the wines produced in these containers are known as Orange Wines.

I aim to show you a sparkling rosé, two white wines produced in a modern style and two white wines made in qvevri. We will then have a modern style red wine followed by two ‘Orange’ red wines. All the wines tasted will be from The Georgian Wine Society one of the leading UK importers of Georgian wines.

I think this will be a very exciting and unusual tasting and I hope we will have a fun evening.

Over the next few weeks I shall be wearing my Wine Guide hat, as Good Wine Tours have trips to Galicia in Spain, and Melnik in Bulgaria. For info about autumn tours visit During the summer I will continue developing my wine judging career, both in the UK and in Europe. Wine Courses, Tastings and Workshops are scheduled throughout the summer and autumn, for the Wine Education Service and we are hoping to run a Chinese Wine Tasting during the autumn along with the more traditional topics we cover.

Have a great summer, till September…” Vivienne

9th November 2019 - An Italian Wine Journey with David Green of Petersham Cellars

“Petersham Cellar are delighted to bring some of their most exciting wines to Verulam on Saturday 9th November.

We have been importing wine direct from all parts of Italy over the last 5 years, with particular focus on small producers with an organic/biodynamic philosophy. Over the course of the evening, we will taste through 8 regions and 8 unique products

From North to South, from the Dolomites to Sicily, via Lombardy, Piedmonte, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Campania and Puglia… a truly great journey through this wonderfully diverse country

Italy has the most wide ranging and beautiful selection of wines on offer – each region competing over who makes the best wine – help us decide in November! Before then, please look at our website to understand a little bit more about our business”. David

7th December 2019 - New Zealand Wines with Julia Jenkins of Flagship Wines

“I’m delighted to be invited to run another tasting for the Verulam Wine Club. I’m writing this in sunny July and it’s hard to think that by the time of the tasting it will be chilly December and thoughts turn to Christmas with planning for festive meals including wines to enjoy too.

Sauvignon Blanc is the mainstay of New Zealand’s wine offering – it does make some delightful ones too – but the tasting will be an opportunity to show the diversity of the wines available in terms of style and grape variety.

There are small areas of the Spanish Albarino grape, and the Austrian Zweigelt grape now being grown in New Zealand and making some delicious wines with the obvious New Zealand twist of zestiness and vibrancy. We’ll taste these and other white, rose & red wines from Hawkes Bay & Martinborough in North Island down to the Southern tip of South Island from Nelson, Marlborough and Central Otago. An exciting whistle stop tour of New Zealand in 8 wines!

As many of you know Flagship Wines is an independent wine business in St Albans with a shop at Hatfield Road, AL4 0XP. Our free weekend tastings in the shop offer the opportunity to taste and chat about our wines – all are welcome. The tastings follow our wines of the month themes, introduce you to our new wines and others that we know are tasting well. Why not come and join us? There’s also our tasting series at Fleetville Larder and our annual wine fair! Check out details of our events and extensive range of 600 wines

Looking forward to seeing you all in December for some of the best New Zealand has to offer!” Julia

14th December 2019 - Waddesdon Manor Cellar tour, Wine Tasting and more.

In addition to the VWTC end of year celebration on Saturday 7th December, we have worked with Peter Tompkins, (Rosthchild Wine Specialist), to put together an exciting visit to Waddesdon Manor on Saturday 14th December. Whilst the cellar tour of the Rosthchild Collection and the wine tasting (eight wines) in the vaults, are the highlights of the visit, we will have the opportunity to visit the Christmas Fair and enjoy the light trail through the gardens.

18th January 2020 - “Battered Trophy” Blind Tasting Competition.

We are delighted to announce that Mike and George have once again offered to run the annual Battered Trophy Blind Tasting Competition.

15th February 2020 - Wines from the Rainbow Nation with Nigel Strofton, Wine Consultant for Sheldon's Wine Cellars Ltd, Shipton on Stour, Warwickshire.

" I have been in the Wine Trade and Spirits Industry all my working life - 59 years and with Sheldon's for 25 of those years. I have had a very interesting career and continue to do so. South Africa I adore, especially so the wines which are getting better and better by each new vintage. The face of South Africa has changed beyond recognition since Nelson walked to Freedom in 1994. Producers and consumers are now embracing the idea that this old (established 1659) New World wine region is, essentially suited to grape varieties that are at home around the Mediterranean. The "lights were out" in South Africa during the apartheid era from 1948 to 1994 (46 years) and their wine trade suffered. Since the turn of the century, South African wines have blossomed in style, quality and basic charm.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the selection of wines I will be showing on the night" Nigel

14th March 2020 - Classic Bordeaux chosen to drink well now - Cellar Door Wines

18th April 2020 - A wine trip through Chile from The Atacama Desert down to the South with Janina Doyle, Brand Ambassador of Vina Ventisquero.

“It is a pleasure to be able to present just a selection of our wines for you all. Vina Ventisquero was founded in 2000 and since then has gone from strength to strength being recognised as one of the leading Chilean wineries for quality and innovation.

Vina Ventisquero was the first winery to be 100% sustainably certified and has maintained this through till today. This along with being family owned and never buying in fruit, are the pillars at Vina Ventisquero and sit at the heart of our company.

We are proud to have famous winemaker John Duval (ex-chief winemaker of Penfolds Grange) on our team and to be producing incredible wines up in the Atacama Desert where we have the monopoly. Nobody else is crazy enough to plant in a desert with salty soils. We are always looking to push that little step further. I look forward to talking you on the Ventisquero journey.”


16th May 2020 - Wines of USA's West Coast - The Search for Balance, with Tim Schwilk of The Wine Society

"Is there more to the West Coast than the stereotypical fruit bombs of years gone by? Can Oregon Pinots and Washington Rieslings really compete with the wines of Burgundy and Germany?"


11th June 2020 - tbc